Short Term Care

Short Term Care

Short Term Care

Short term care is designed to be provided after an injury, surgery, illness, or other condition that requires extra everyday care on the road to recovery. Short term care is goal-oriented rehabilitation services to help your loved one gain their strength while their condition improves. Once they are ready, they may return home to continue with independent living. Short term care facilities offer medical and custodial services while your loved one recovers before returning home. Services can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months and are designed to allow your loved one to return home as soon as medically possible. Short term care provides quality staff that assists with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutrition therapy, and other basic medical services.

Caregiver 5-1600-80

Facility was highly recommended by hospice, over all others in the area…Patient was happy with care and she is not easy to please…

Valerie O.

The staff at Richmond Health Care was amazing. They were all very kind and attentive to my fathers’ concerns, and needs. I visited him almost daily, sometimes twice a day and was always met by a smile from all of the staff.

Stephanie K.

The Activities Director went above and beyond to get a Lutheran Pastor to come visit- thank you! Everyone became like family in regards to attention shown, even with I was not so easy to get along with. God bless you all.

Dorthy A.

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