How Brain Exercises and Play Win Over Dementia

Researchers are now learning that they might not have been exactly right about the conclusion that there was no value in all that screen time. What research has widely begun to discover is that games can be beneficial.

There is an interesting article published in Behavioural Brain Research in May of 2020. They are an internationally recognized journal published by a group of professionals in diverse sects of the neuroscience field of studies. They gathered a group of 60–80-year-old participants and wanted to look at how 3-Dimensional games might affect memory and cognitive health. The test was four weeks long (plus observation after the test) and had some participants play 30-45 minutes of Super Mario World while others played 2-Dimensional Solitaire. 

And it’s Super Mario for the WIN! Two weeks into the test participants playing Super Mario World showed improved cognition and memory function compared to those playing Solitaire. 

Traditional Games for Dementia Care

What if there is no interest in embracing technology and starting a video game habit? Can conventional games and brain exercises help delay memory loss or dementia also? Research is still evolving on this every day, but what is being widely recognized is there does seem to be a link between stimulating the brain and slowing or decreasing dementia. Here are a few examples of types of games and what they can help strengthen or support.

  • Word puzzles focus on language and recalling words like in word searches, crossword puzzles, or Scrabble® which helps memory, speed, and verbal recall
  • Puzzles strengthen hand-eye coordination and memory 
  • Card games can help with concentration, memory, and problem solving
  • Board games encourage engagement and coordination

Finding a Memory Care Community

Memory care communities offer engaging activities, such as puzzles and Wii games, to help with memory care patients’ cognition. At Richmond Health Care Center, we have a secure all-women memory care unit, with activities specially designed to create a positive, stimulating environment. Contact us today to set up a free care consultation for your loved one.

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