Outdoor Activities for Seniors

Spending time outdoors is one of the best ways for both seniors and caregivers to enjoy the fresh summer air. Being outside promotes light exercise and socialization, both of which are essential for a healthy senior lifestyle. There are many easy and fun outdoor activities that caregivers can arrange for senior residents. Make sure the senior is comfortable going outside before you take them. Additionally, be prepared to give extra care and attention to any seniors with allergies.

Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities for seniors:

1. Walks

Taking walks is an excellent way to stay active. No matter how long or short the walk is, walking helps to maintain cardiovascular health in seniors. Furthermore, they will get some fresh air and see some of the sights around the neighborhood.

2. Picnics

There’s nothing more classic than a picnic in the great outdoors. A picnic can be as simple as a sandwich with some healthy sides or as lavish as an extravagant meal with well-prepared dishes. Get out and soak up some vitamin D. Both seniors and caregivers benefit from fresh air and good conversation. Arrange some picnic games for seniors to participate in friendly competition.

3. Gardening

Many seniors enjoy gardening as one of their favorite outdoor activities. Seniors can maintain strength and flexibility by participating in gardening. It is also an easy way to incorporate light aerobic exercise into their daily routine.

4. Birdwatching

Even though birdwatching may seem like a less exciting activity, it can be calming and allow for reflection. This is an ideal activity for seniors who enjoy being outside and connecting with nature. This is a very soothing and therapeutic experience.

5. Outdoor Music/Theatre

Entertainment and the outdoors, what could be better? Do research to see if any local organizations are putting on small music events or theatre showings. If not, you can always bring your boombox outside!

6. Photography

Taking pictures is a simple, enjoyable activity that can be enjoyed both in the moment and later. Make some memories with a digital camera and get them printed for your loved one to hold on to!

At Richmond Health Care Center, we love to take advantage of the summer weather and bring our residents outside as much as possible. They love to participate in games and soak up the sun! If you feel your loved one would benefit from our care, schedule a tour with us today!

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